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The Congolese lady still does not stand in front of her family. She does not but shout, or rise up and talk about her rights. But I always take my hat off to the Brazilian lady. In the face of all the discrimination and struggling that they nonetheless face, they’re there, combating. Brazilian women’s activism for gender equality and rights may be very superior. The trafficking of enslaved individuals, colonisation and empires, then the independence wars, and after independence we had dictatorship and extra war. The murder of Congolese in genocides still happens at present.

We must get out of these old legal guidelines and customs that were created to govern an historic society. As it was in the past, women’s major position is getting married, having children and taking care of the home. A regulation that was voted on by more than eighty million folks was about to be changed by a small number of individuals following their private pursuits. So within the face of so many fights and so many struggles, we stood up, as attorneys, as people who understood this part of the legislation. We went out on the streets as attorneys, with attorneys’ garments on, to represent the individuals in order that no one would interfere with the constitutional legal guidelines. So, it’s from there that my pursuit for freedom turned tougher. I did not choose to live in Brazil and I had by no means thought about living exterior my nation.

While professor Dalton Cesar Milagres Rigueira and his family lived a cushty live in a spacious house, Madalena Gordiano had been living in a windowless, five-square-meter room. Normally, labor inspector Humberto Monteiro Camasmie and his team monitor companies and farms in Brazil’s state of Minas Gerais to ensure they respect employees’ rights. But on November 27, Camasmie headed for a Brazilian family home within the metropolis of Patos de Minas, armed with a search warrant, suspecting slave-like labor abuse on the residence.

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Gordiano’s mother and father were initially relieved and accepted the Rigueiras’ supply. But soon, the mother and father lost contact with their daughter. And, opposite to what the Rigueiras promised, Gordiano was never formally adopted. “My bed room was not very nice,” the Afro-Brazilian girl remembered.

How can we talk concerning the independence of Congolese girl when the ideal for girls in society is to be married? The Congolese girl needs to begin her battle by breaking with this concept. I am not saying right here that Congolese tradition is dangerous. But when I say I have to break some of the customs, the tradition concerning gender, it’s to have equality. I say this regarding customs that have been established by our ancestors and have an effect on ladies instantly. These laws, that are customs, have been constituted by the particular environment of our ancestors, and men created these customs to the extent that they wanted them.

Genocide has been happening in Congo for more than 20 years. We have a political downside, a dictatorship that is making an attempt to maintain itself in power.

Some family members might face years behind bars. Despite their wrongdoing, the Rigueiras have criticized the Brazilian state for “prematurely and irresponsibly” releasing their personal particulars.

For example, up to now we lived on searching and fishing, however not right now. Today there are workplaces and different people go to excessive school. Technology and globalisation have made many things change. Dalton Rigueira, who has since been fired from his university job, claims that Gordiano had been like a sister to him. He says he never compelled her to do anything and handed her all the money she was entitled to. The Rigueiras took Gordiano out of faculty and tasked her with domestic chores like washing laundry, tidying, cleaning and cooking meals. Gordiano recalled how the household advised her she was “now sufficiently old to work.”

The broad strokes of Gordiano’s story have been reconstructed on the premise of her private recollections and authorities’ analysis into her ordeal. Everything started when Gordiano — then a poor, 8-year-old woman — knocked on the door of the Rigueira household residence begging for meals. The household then assured Gordiano’s dad and mom they’d adopt and care for the woman. There are many issues that existed and that no longer exist.